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I started my career in 2002 which combined with a trip to the Himalayas where I  captured 1066 pictures of the nepalese and tibetan cultures. Today I live in Budapest-Hungary, where specialise in portrait, wedding, commercial and landscape photography. I like to capture through my photography the stories, the landscapes of the soul and portraits of Nature. My own inspiration is penned here: …As the silence begins to speak to me, the insane rush of the world begins to slow. I push the release button on my camera and for a split second I stop the world from turning. If we do not take time to see, we can miss the most important moments of life and if we can create calm in the depth of our souls, nature will show us her true self…

2011 - / Freelance photographer in Budapest for worldwide photography

2006 - 2011  /  Image publishing in the West Sussex Gazette and Littlehampton Gazette, freelance photographer and designer in United Kingdom

2005 - 2006  /  Photographer in Cyprus, Travel Around the World Award for photography in Cyprus

2004  /  Expedition in Morocco

2003 - 2006  /  Photographer, writer and publisher for the hungarian traveller magazine `The Explorer`

2002  /  Expedition in Nepal and Tibet, 44 days in Solu Khumbu region and Lhasa

© Peter Nemeth 2019

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